Rosen Method Somatic Education
Enhancing embodied self-awareness


I offer Professional Consultations to Rosen Method practitioners and interns. Also to those in other healthcare modalities who would like to learn about the theory of Rosen Method and how this can enhance their practice. Consultation time and length is planned to fit into each person's schedule. Often these are done over the phone or on Skype, so distance is not a problem.


Over the years I learned that seeking consultations from seasoned Rosen Method practitioners and those in other healthcare professions was very helpful to me and my clients.  Consultations proved to be eye-opening, offering possibilities and broadening my own perspective on how to be the best practitioner I could be. I loved the give and take of talking with peers. I still enjoy doing consultations as it continues to be an enhancing experience for my work...and for me. I also found my Rosen Method practice grew as I became more confident.

I encourage those of you in private practice to seek consultations when you feel stuck with a client, or up against uncertainly about how to proceed. Often, practitioners find it helpful to do a monthly consultation as personal and private practice support.

Group consultations for interns & practitioners of one or two hours are offered as well, depending on how many are in the group; 4 is the maximum for two hours. This often works well as we all learn from each other. This is a great way to connect with others and find support for yourself.