Rosen Method Somatic Education
Enhancing embodied self-awareness



Master's Degree in Somatic Psychology
CMP (Certified Massage Practitioner) 


Rosen Method Bodywork is a fully realized mind-body practice that uses touch and responsive words to allow the nervous system to deepen our awareness from within. We learn it is possible to really listen to ourselves from the inside out.  This gentle and profound work of Marion Rosen, a pioneer in the field of body-oriented therapies, can lead to freedom from physical and emotional discomfort and pain. This ease allows more creativity, passion, and the clarity to make important life decisions. On its own or as a complement to other health care modalities, Rosen Method has a transformative effect on body and mind, and brings balance and ease into one’s life.

I have practiced and taught Rosen Method bodywork for 35 years.  I am continually made aware of how profound this work is as I practice Rosen Method with my clients and as my own self-listening expands through doing this work.

My private practice office is located in Orinda, California, just 15-30 minutes from Berkeley and San Francisco.  The BART station is within walking distance.

To find out more about the benefits of Rosen Method Bodywork, the Rosen Bodywork training program or to schedule an appointment for a private bodywork session: 

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