Rosen Method Somatic Education
Enhancing embodied self-awareness

Rosen Method Bodywork

As Marion Rosen says, “We touch people.” It is a touch that makes contact with the body with a soft, full hand, and goes deep, to help a person know their authentic self in a profound way.

Receiving Rosen Method bodywork is a quieting experience that allows inner observation through internal physical sensations, images and memories. Often this awareness provides insight while, at the same time, allowing affected muscular contractions of the body to return to a state of relaxation.

Over the course of a session there is a continual accumulation of tiny changes and a general sense of simply feeling better. An intimate, personal knowledge of oneself comes through. Through the changes, easier movement and new emotional and cognitive choices can emerge. From this state of ease, it is possible to experience where body, mind and spirit meet.

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are".
 Joseph Campbell

"Changes begin on the inside, and move outward at a pace that matches an individuals own rhythm.  It is an 'unfolding'. It is not about 'fixing' someone or making them different.  It is a process of gently showing people to themselves; reflecting their true being, recognizing their integrity and aliveness."
Sandra Wooten